Digitize Quality Check Process

Digitize the process of tracking and monitoring the project. You can keep a check on whether it is progressing as per your drawings specification at the comfort of your office. Save time and money on travel.

Remote Approval

With the flexibility to create your own customized workflow solution and user approval, you can receive and share reports of quality checks instantly. Using a remote approval feature you can approve or reject the quality check in real-time without needing to go onsite.

Monitor the Quality Checks

Get an overview of the quality checks happening onsite from anywhere without needing to visit the site. Check whether the correct version of drawing specification is being used in the project and take necessary actions in case of any discrepancies.

Drawing Requirement

During the project life-cycle, there is a possibility of drawing specifications undergoing some changes. In such cases, it is necessary that the contractors follow the right drawing specification during project execution. This is possible by having the drawing requirement being kept mandatory during inspection checks.

Save Time, Efforts, and Cost.

Reduce the time and cost spend on-site visits to ensure that the work is going on as per the specifications. With increased visibility and remote approval feature, be informed of the ongoing of the site and take actionable measures in case of any failure in the quality checks.

Monitor Quality Checks Remotely


Receive and review reports in real-time

Keep a track of the Quality Checks being met at the project site. With digiQC Construction Quality Control app, you can customize quality checklists for each item and ensure drawing specifications are followed. Get instant notification in case of failure in following the quality checklist and resolve the issue immediately. Additionally, you can remotely approve and monitor the Construction quality checklists of your project site without needing to be present on-site at all times.

Reduce cost and time on site visits travel

digiQC helps you reduce cost of travel and the delay in getting the necessary quality approval with features like real-time quality control, remote approval and monitoring of project, flexible customization of the quality checklists. This ensures that you have eyes on the project's Quality Control and avoiding unnecessary travel. Moreover, having a digital solution allows a single person to monitor multiple projects.



Reduced my site visit which saved my time and cost of travel.

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