Visualize Quality from Anywhere

Bring more visibility and accountability in your team while working with the Project Owners with digiQC construction quality control software. digiQC digital solution provides you with historic data of every item in your Construction Quality checklists making it super easy to retrieve it for audits.

Project Based Checklists

Create and customize project-based Quality Control checklists with options to assign separate admins, users, and configuring agencies with the relevant project checklist.

Remote Authorization

Keep track of the quality checks approval with the help of remote authorization, saving time, and efforts of traveling to the onsite project. Provide approval access only to the pre-approved authorized users.

User Log

User and inspections logs enable tracking, analyzing, and creating reports providing visibility of the onsite quality control and improve the process. Regular monitoring of these logs can save you efforts in rework and waste.

Know Construction Quality Management Process Before You Go Live

Digitize your construction quality management process today with digiQC. Improve your Quality Standards with increased visibility, customized project-based checklists and more. As a General Contractor, you can take advantage of the app right from ensuring Quality Checks are followed to selecting subcontractors for future projects.

Save Time, Money and Efforts in Coordinating Between Teams


Get more control on Quality Checks by sub-contractors

At times, keeping a track of the Quality Checks met by the sub-contractors can be difficult, especially if you are working with multiple of them. With the digiQC Construction Quality Control app, you can customize construction quality checklists for each item used by the individual contractor. Get instant notification in case of failure in following the quality checklist and resolve the issue immediately. Additionally, you can remotely approve and monitor the quality checklists of your project site without needing to be present on-site at all times.

Manage risks, quality defects instantly.

Quality defects and issues in the projects can get expensive to resolve if it goes unnoticed for a longer time. With the digiQC app, you can detect and manage quality issues the moment they occur. Get instant notifications of failures, whenever proper protocol of a quality check is not followed at any stage of the project. Moreover, with quality check and workflow solution customizations, gain more accountability and responsibility within your Quality Assurance (QA) team.


Reduce efforts in managing and storing paper documents.

Paper documentation is accompanied with problems of filing, tracking, and error in filling up the forms. Additionally, the efforts and time taken in managing the paper-based quality checks are not only faulty but mundane, as well. It is possible to avoid all the later headaches of the documentation process with the paperless solution of the digiQC app. The data to be captured can be customized as per the need of the project. digiQC app Cloud storage is secure and reliable and provides the ability to quickly and easily digitally search through the project quality records.

Reduce cost and time on travel

As a Contractor, you need to take care of getting the right person on site for ensuring quality checks. With the current situation, it is getting and will get harder and harder to get the required personnel onsite. With digiQC you can reduce the cost of travel and the delay in getting the necessary quality approval with features like real-time quality control, remote approval, and monitoring of the project, flexible customization of the quality checklists. This ensures that you have the most experienced eyes on the project's Quality Control and avoid unnecessary travel. Having a digital solution also allows a single person to monitor multiple projects.



Inspection log can be downloaded and was used for selecting a sub contractor for the next project

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