Build Reputation with Quality Management System

Raise Quality standards

Bring more objectivity and transparency in the execution of your projects with digiQC Construction Quality Management System. As the project owner, taking care of multiple agencies, contractors, workers, etc. can be challenging at times. digiQC app helps you catch any issues immediately helping you take actions on time without risking your reputation, later on.

Remote Quality Monitoring

Reduce and manage the risks of discrepancies in the quality checks with the help of remote quality monitoring, saving you time and efforts of traveling to the onsite project.

Real-time Quality Control

Ensure a smooth and seamless execution of your project without compromising on the quality. It provides increased real-time visibility of the onsite project to the owners, ensuring correct measures are taken on time in case any issues arise.

RERA Compliance & Defense

Capture, organize, and store all your quality checks data on the secured and reliable digiQC Cloud storage. It provides digital searchability of all your historic project records.

A Quality Check-in Time Saves Nine

Digitize your Quality Process Management today with digiQC. Improve your Quality Standards with increased visibility and reduce risks of extended timelines or increased budget cost which could affect your reputation as a Project Owner.

Monitor from Anywhere, Improve Quality Standards Everywhere


Manage risks, quality defects instantly.

Quality defects and issues in the projects can get expensive to resolve if it goes unnoticed for a longer time. With the digiQC Construction Quality Management System, you can detect and manage quality issues the moment they occur. Get instant notifications of failures, whenever proper protocol of a quality check is not followed at any stage of the project. Moreover, with digiQC construction quality assurance software quality check and workflow solution customizations, gain more accountability and responsibility within your Construction Quality Assurance (QA) team.

Reduce efforts in managing and storing paper documents.

Paper documentation is accompanied with problems of filing, tracking and error in filling up the forms. Additionally, the efforts and time taken in managing the paper-based quality checks is not only faulty but mundane, as well. Site engineers are usually entrusted with the manual work to fill in the quality reports. This task is fairly repetitive and can lead to fatigue and stress. Moreover, any human error while filing could later affect the audit reports and cause trouble with the RERA. It is possible to avoid all the later headaches of documentation process with the paperless solution of digiQC app. The data to be captured can be customized as per the need of the project. digiQC app Cloud storage is secure and reliable and provides the ability to quickly and easily digitally search through the project quality records.


Avoid cost & time overruns due to quality issues

During both planning and execution, a lot of effort and consideration is gone in budgeting and deciding on timelines of the project. digiQC enables you, your stakeholders and your QA/QC team to manage the project within the budgeted cost and time. While there are certain issues that can arise on-site, digiQC construction Quality Management system helps you mitigate those risks immediately and in the best possible way with the features like real-time quality control, remote approval and monitoring of project lifecycle, flexibility in the quality checklist. .

Identify training needs and improvement for stakeholders.

With the flexibility in customizing and designing of project-wise workflow solutions offered by the digiQC Construction Quality Control app, it is possible to keep an eye on the performance and accountability of various stakeholders like the agency, contractors, QA/QC teams, etc. With the in-built analysis report provided by the digiQC app, it is possible to identify the training needs and the areas of improvement required. Such data-driven insights help in taking informed decisions, providing you with all the actionable measures to complete the project without major problems.



Quality of the project has increased through proper checklist points and can be used for rera documentation and defense.

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