Manage Quality Check Records Efficiently

Record, store, and track all the quality records of individual items needed during the project lifecycle. digiQC app helps you with creating customized users, agencies, and projects as per the need. Provide adequate authority to the users to keep the Quality Checks in control and maintain your reputation as a contractor.

Send Instant Reports to Customers

With the flexibility to create your own customized workflow solution and user approval, you can share reports of quality checks and request remote approval of your customer instantly in real-time.

Efficient Documentation for Warranty

digiQC provides you with secure and reliable cloud storage. Take advantage of the easy accessibility and searchability with cloud storage to organize and store documents of the project's quality checks. This makes your warranty and guarantees documentation easier, faster, and efficient.

More Control Over Subcontractors Quality Checklists

Keep a track of the Quality Checks met by the sub-contractors with the flexibility provided in customization of the project-wise workflow solution. Bring transparency in the quality checks required and followed by your sub-contractors.

Bring Efficiency and Transparency in your Quality Check Process

Adopt paperless Quality Control Process in Construction today with digiQC. You can improve your Construction Quality Standards with increased visibility, customized project-based checklists, and more. Avoid delays and up your game by sending instant construction quality control reports to customers to having more control over the quality checks done by your sub-contractors.

Ensure Proper Documentation of Quality Checks


More control on Quality Checks by sub-contractors

At times, keeping a track of the Construction Quality Checks met by the sub-contractors can be difficult, especially if you are working with multiple of them. With the digiQC Construction Quality Control app, you can customize quality control checklists for each item used by the individual contractor. Get instant notification in case of failure in following the quality checklist and resolve the issue immediately. Additionally, you can remotely approve and monitor the Construction quality checklists of your project site without needing to be present on-site at all times.

Send instant reports to customer

It is not only possible for you to keep track and receive reports of quality checks being followed onsite, but you can send instant Construction quality control reports to your customers keeping them apprised of the on-ground activity. Such instant and frequent reports not only build trust with your customers but also builds up your reputation as a quality contractor. Send notification of success or failure of the quality check along with a request for approval which can be actioned remotely and in real-time.


Reduce efforts in managing and storing paper documents.

Paper documentation is accompanied with problems of filing, tracking, and error in filling up the forms. Additionally, the efforts and time taken in managing the paper-based quality checks are not only faulty but mundane, as well. It is possible to avoid all the later headaches of the documentation process with the paperless solution of the digiQC app. The data to be captured can be customized as per the need of the project. digiQC app Cloud storage is secure and reliable and provides the ability to quickly and easily digitally search through the project quality records.

Minimize cost and time on site visits

With digiQC you can reduce the cost of travel and the delay in getting the necessary quality approval with features like real-time quality control, remote approval, and monitoring of the project, flexible customization of the quality control checklists. This ensures that you have eyes on the project's Quality Control and avoid unnecessary travel, at all times. Having a digital solution also allows a single person to monitor multiple projects.



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