Quantify Quality Control in Construction

digiQC empowers your Site Engineers with a Quality management software solution. With a quality management system in construction, you can take control, have increased visibility, and raise quality standards and accountability across your Quality Assurance team.

Improve and Raise Quality Standards in Construction

Save Time, Money and Efforts

Keep a check on your onsite projects without compromising on the quality. Get insights and catch alarming issues before the remedy exceeds your budget and project deadlines.

Reduced Paperwork

Equipped with a mobile app as well as a web platform, empower your quality assurance team to record data digitally in real-time. With digiQC Construction quality control software you can reduce the paperwork and human error involved in manual data filling.

Increased Accountability

Create a workflow that ensures quality checks are filled at every step. With digiQC construction quality control software you can enable your site engineers to be accountable for the quality control, as well.

Bring Transparency in Quality Checks

digiQC Quality Control app makes it possible for the site engineers to CAPTURE and RECORD real-time data onsite during the quality checks.


Add authenticity to the data capture with the help of audio and photo files recording features in the app.

Clarity and easier audits

Increase clarity with the audio remarks feature. Also, photographs and audio files make it easier to audit quality checks in the future.

Bring visibility and accountability in quality checks

Customize and create workflow solutions ensuring accountability from the QA/QC team and brings visibility to the progress of the project.


Go Paperless

digiQC makes your quality management a paperless process. It enables you to ORGANIZE all the essential elements of your Quality Control checklists in one place. You can create customized project-based quality management checklists of your Quality Control DATA.

Unique identity

Provide a unique identity to every project with a custom construction quality control checklist option available.


Easier data organization, and hence improved searchability of the QC records. Having the ability to digitally search through your QC records saves both time and efforts of your team.

Remote monitoring

Stay on top of what is happening at your onsite project with the remote monitoring and remote approval of quality checks.

Have More Control Over Quality Control Management

With digiQC quality control software, you can monitor project quality remotely, stay updated and gain insights from the project-wise reports that are generated. All this culminates to take DATA-DRIVEN decisions saving cost, time and efforts.


Monitor quality checks are followed at every step. You can ensure critical quality checks are never overlooked. Moreover, you can receive instant notifications for failed quality checks.

Make data-driven decisions:

Gain more insights from the reports generated for different organizational hierarchy. With the analytics and data provided, you can make informed decisions and avoid critical budgets and deadlines issue.


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Who Are we

"Progressive Precision to Perfection" has been the driving force behind our founders to start digiQC. Our founders come from varied backgrounds with having worked for over two decades in the field of Real Estate, Construction, Software Development and Design Thinking - they have come together to offer solutions that emphasizes on helping organizations with their Quality Control Management. We prioritize Quality above everything because we believe that its the only function the defines an organization incomparably.


DIPP Ministry of Commerce, Government of India recognized Startup.

Finished as Top 6 Contech Startups in BUILT WORLD Innovation Contest 2020.

Selected by CII as a "Promising Contech Startup" for Excon 2019, Bangalore. Also, Sumant Kachru, CEO & Founder was part of the panel discussion on Technology in Construction during RoadShow for Excon 2019.

Selected by TiEcon Mumbai for Startup Showcase Expo in 2020.

Interested to know more about how the digiQC App can help you with Quality Control Management?