Digitize. Monitor. Improve.

digiQC construction quality control software was created to monitor Quality Control in construction and help improve your organization's Quality Standards. Simplify and digitize with how you collect, store, and retrieve your Construction Quality Checks records gaining increased visibility on your onsite project.

Customized Project based Construction Quality Control Checklists

Create your own customized workflow solution with custom construction quality checklists for each project, and assign relevant users and agencies. You can have more control over improving and standardizing you're enjoying the hassle-free contact sharing capabilities of Construction quality standards among your Construction Quality Assurance team and inside your organization.

Inspection Witness Proof of Quality Control in Construction

Adding photographs and inspection witness ensure authenticity and accountability of quality control at the project site. Authorized users can only perform quality checks and approve the construction quality checklists. This ensures no false data is entered and no tampering can be done to the data captured.

Authorized Personnel Only Can Mark "QC Pass"

Send real-time inspection reports to the supervisor and seek review and approval. With the help of remote approval, the authorized personnel need not be present on-site to review and approve or reject the report. Moreover, only the supervisor can pass or reject the quality check.

Real-time onsite quality check

Site engineers need not wait to reach the office to fill in the report. Eliminate the need for paper forms and capture real-time quality check records.

Remote monitoring and approval

Save time, money, and efforts on travel to onsite just to monitor and provide approval. Seek, review, and approve reports at the comfort of your office.

In-built project wise analytical reports

Generate analytical reports project-wise and user-wise. Keep a track of the quality control measures being taken and take informed decisions to improve the process.

Offline data capture capability

No need to depend on the network to capture relevant and crucial data onsite. Work offline, data synchronizes once you are in the network zone.

Photographic witness proof

Support quality records with the photographic evidence stored digitally along with every inspection done.

Secure and reliable cloud storage

Store and retrieve quality check records on-cloud. Gain easy accessibility and save time and cost in filing and storing information on paper.

Instant notification on failed quality check

Authorized and relevant personnel are instantly notified of any discrepancies or failure of the quality check.

Custom project-based Construction quality control checklist

Create customized quality checklists of items/records needed on a project basis. Assign authorized personnel to each step accountable for the quality control required.

Training need identification for agencies & contractors

Inspection logs, user logs, and project analytic reports can combinedly help identify training requirements for agencies and/or contractors associated with your project.

Increased accountability in Quality Assurance team

With the flexibility of customization offered at various stages, ensure that the relevant person is accountable for the quality standard needed.

Increased visibility of the onsite quality checks

Real-time data updation and remote monitoring features provide increased visibility to the top-level executives who are not always present on site.

Increased search ability of historic data

Digitized storage of the quality records enables easy search and retrieval of data in the future for reference and audits.

Do you want to increase your Construction Quality Standards?