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Bring Transparency in Quality Checks

digiQC Construction Quality Control app makes it possible for the site engineers to CAPTURE and RECORD real-time data onsite during the quality checks.


Add authenticity to the data capture with the help of audio and photo files recording features in the app.

Clarity and easier audits

Increase clarity with the audio remarks feature. Also, photographs and audio files make it easier to audit quality checks in the future.

Bring visibility and accountability in quality checks

Customize and create workflow solutions ensuring accountability from the QA/QC team and brings visibility to the progress of the project.

Download Free Quality Checklist

Your complete guide to achieving First Time Quality excellence

All you need to know to achieve First Time Quality excellence for your construction projects. What you’ll learn: The hidden benefits of First Time Quality; Getting the basics right; Moving to the next level; Creating an action plan. With digiQC, you really can build it right the first time.


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